If you don’t live in the big city it can be tough to get high speed internet or even internet that is fast enough to keep up with today’s web. You need to be able to stream audio and video, but not at a snails pace.

Best Internet Connection for Rural Homes

A lot of rural areas don’t yet have access to DSL or cable internet speeds, so some people are relegated to utilize things like satellite internet, dial-up or a cellular connection for internet use.

Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population does not have internet access, meaning over 60 million people are without being able to browse the web. Some of these non-users are elderly who don’t have much use for the internet, but a lot of those without access are people living in rural areas of the country not near the big cities.


There are three main options people in rural areas can choose from if they don’t have access to standard internet service providers, such as those who provide DSL and cable access.


As mentioned one of the options in rural areas is satellite internet, but you have to be able to decide if that’s what’s best for your needs. While satellite internet is fine for browsing the web and streaming some things, it typically has a high ping rate and slower upload speeds which means it’s not ideal for things like online gaming due to latency issues, which can cause things like lag to take effect during gaming or video chatting. Satellite internet will also typically run in the range of $49.99 a month, but you’ll also have to deal with limited users during peak usage times.


Another option is something like Verizon LTE internet access, which can provide the same download speeds of satellite internet, around 12 Mbps down, but offers a better upload rate and ping times that allow you to do everything you can on satellite, and then some. You’ll be able to stream audio and video, browse the web, check your e-mail as well as play online games. With LTE service you don’t have the latency issues like with satellite internet, so that means you can video chat and play online games without being concerned or annoyed with lag spikes.


With LTE internet service on Verizon’s network, you can connect over 20 wifi capable devices to your home network. The LTE antenna installed on your residence or business converts the 4G LTE signal for use just like you would with a standard wifi router.


The third option is simply using dial up internet, which in today’s technological world can be slower than using ones wireless cell phone. With speeds topping out around 56k, which is significantly slower than even the slowest LTE or satellite internet speeds, even web browsing can become a chore if the site is media intensive. Streaming video and audio would be near impossible, as well as playing games and video chatting. While it’s substantially cheaper, you’re also limited in that you cannot use your phone line while it’s in use.


When you factor in everything from speed, to ease of use, to versatility it’s clear that LTE internet service is the best option. It can typically cost a few more dollars than satellite internet, but you’re not having to deal with things like latency issues and crowded internet nodes. Nor will you have to deal with the hassle that can be using dial-up for internet access.
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