Belkin Wireless Router – the New AC Series Should be Avoided

The new Belkin wireless router AC series has major problems. Buggy software and poor customer support are the main reasons why you shouldn’t buy it.

Belkin wireless router
Belkin wireless router

I have made a research about the Belkin routers and checked the reviews made by professionals and read hundreds of customer experiences. The common denominator of all of them is that the new Belkin wireless router AC series has serious problems.

The Professional Review of the Belkin Wireless Router AC 1200 DB

Initial Setup

The initial setup is fast and at the start it offers the firmware upgrade. Strange is there are no LEDs for LAN and WAN ports. You don’t have indicators when these ports are up and down.

Performance of the Wireless Router

The speed tests, on both bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, didn’t show impressive results. The results were the same for both N and AC modes, using an older wireless card on N standard. More about the AC you can read on 802.11ac.

In 5 GHz mode the speed was 132 Mbps at 30 feet. At 50 feet the speed dropped to only 40 Mbps (The maximum theoretical is 1300 Mbps). In 2.4 GHz mode the speed at 30 feet was 60 Mbps (The maximum theoretical is 450 Mbps).

Intellistream – the Belkin’s Proprietary QoS Engine

For QoS configuration Belkin wireless router uses the Intellistream. QoS configuration has very limited features. By default,  the router prioritizes video, voice and gaming traffic.

There aren’t many configuration options.  The tests didn’t show the difference in video streaming with and without Intellistream.

Security Features

The security risk is that you don’t have an option to filter the inbound traffic. There is a Web filtering – option to block malicious sites and sites with mature content – parental control. The tests showed that the URL filtering and blocking-by-keyword doesn’t work.


Belkin Router Monitor (which runs in the computer’s system tray) displays alarm: Your Belkin home network cannot be found. Check the lights on the router and make sure the router is plugged in. In the same time there weren’t connectivity problems.

The complete review you can read on Belkin AC 1200.

The Customer’s Reviews of the Belkin Wireless Router AC Series

The customer reviews reported the problems with the all AC models – AC 900, AC 1000, AC 1200, AC 1750 and AC 1800. Check the list of the customer’s most common problems:

  • Problem with connection to the internet
  • USB printer doesn’t work with the router
  • Printing from the wireless network doesn’t work
  • The router start’s rebooting by itself
  • No manual QoS configuration
  • Flapping of the WiFi connection
  • Slow wireless connection
  • Bad Coverage

Problem with the Customer Service

A lot of the customers, complain about the Belkin customer service. Check some of them.

  • You need to buy the Premium support to be able to contact the support team
  • Bad English
  • No real suggestion to solve the problem from the
  • Incompetent

The Final Conclusion of the Belkin Wireless Router

As I mentioned in the title, my advice is that the new AC series of the Belkin wireless routers should be avoided. Maybe they will fix the numerous bugs, but for now, they are very unstable and unreliable. It is also important to mention that majority of the customers have complained about the Belkin’s customer support.

My advice is that you check the post Wireless Router Reviews – Find the best Wireless Router.

What are your experiences with the Belkin wireless routers, please leave a comment below.