The 5G wireless internet is the 5th generation of the mobile networks. It is the successor of the 4G mobile networks that is taking place nowadays. Be aware that 5G networks are not present yet. Based on some observations, this new technology should be introduced in the early 2020s.

5G wireless internet

5G Wireless Internet

5G Wireless Internet Overview

The Evolution of Wireless Networks

In this great graphic that I get from the NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), you can see the evolution of the wireless networks since 1880 when radio waves were discovered, to now and 4G wireless internet and LTE technology and even beyond to the 2020 and 5G. Please check this very interesting picture below.
New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

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What will 5G Bring?

Since it is not standardized, it is not sure how 5G will really work, but it must bring lots of great improvements. Of course it must bring much higher speed in the wireless mobile networks, but besides this it needs to add more benefits to the end users and mobile operators.

Improvements of the 5G

According to some observations of the experts in the wireless industry, there are three quite different visions of the future mobile wireless networks. Three different views on the 5G are:

  1. Super fast mobile network
  2. Super efficient mobile network
  3. Convergence of fiber and wireless network

The super fast mobile network will be consisting of lots of small cells. They will be densely distributed in the 5G wireless network with contiguous coverage. The frequency spectrum would be below 4GHz.

5G will be super efficient mobile network. The mobile network operators will get much better performance for lower cost. The 5G technology will offer a much higher number of simultaneously connected mobile devices. What is maybe most important, especially for the end users, higher speeds in larger areas, lower battery consumption, lower latency, better quality and reliability of mobile connection.

One vision of the new wireless standard is going to be a convergence of fiber and wireless network. The 5G wireless internet will include short wireless links at the end of the optical cables. With very high frequencies (20-60 GHz) it will enable speeds up to 10 Gbps. This kind of networks would be more like local WiFi networks than today’s wide area mobile networks – 3G and 4G.

Which Vision Will be the Future 5G Wireless Internet Network?

In my humble opinion, the 5G wireless technology could be a combination of all three different views. For sure they will bring much higher speed. But the question is the following. Is 5G mobile network will be consisted of great number of small dense cells, or the future mobile wireless technology will be able to bring very high speeds and very big coverage containing in small number of the big cells.

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